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Teara Ashby, Osteopathic Practitioner


Osteopathy shares some similarities to chiropractic. However, it takes our wellness even further by not only focusing on the structural parts of our body but also on our other functional tissue as well, including inner organs, blood vessels, brain membranes, and nerves.

“Though many are not familiar with osteopathy, it is gaining popularity as an effective and noninvasive treatment for many of the aches, pains, and conditions we may suffer from over the course of our lives.  From back pain to headaches, constipation to vertigo, osteopathy can be the ticket to relief.”

Amy Wood, Alive Magazine – November, 2010

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March 31, 2020
Dear Patients, Colleagues and Friends,
Integrated Balance Osteopathy is closed until further notice according to the recommendations of Health Canada.  All appointments up to April 30th will be cancelled and further cancellations my be necessary at a future date.
I am available for phone or Skype consultations, and I would be happy to set out product orders.  Please reach out if you are feeling unwell – physically, mentally or emotionally.  We are all in this together.
We are living during an unprecedented time with an uncertain future.  I feel that the future has the opportunity to be just as abundant with hope and expansiveness as it does to be riffled with fear and restraint.  Choose which of those futures you want to invest in, participate in, manifest!  No amount of isolation takes away your FREEDOM TO CHOOSE.
Wishing you and your family abundant health,
Teara Ashby, DC, DO(MP)
Integrated Balance Osteopathy Inc.
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Kimberley, BC