Anatomy Workshop

Embodying our anatomy simply means trying ourselves on for size and being present in all the movements and functions of our daily lives. This fun and interactive one-day workshop has been described as “The User’s Guide to Your Body”! We will review the anatomy, normal function and common ailments of the organs in the digestive, cardiovascular and urogenital systems.

Embodying Your Anatomy Picture

The morning will be spent exploring each organ in detail. The organ will be drawn on a human canvas to help integrate location, size and orientation with neighboring structures. Normal and abnormal function of each organ will be examined including simple activities to support your overall health with interesting tidbits to amaze your friends!

The afternoon will be spent participating in a series of body awareness exercises aimed at integrating the anatomy with the normal mobility of each organ.

At the end of this workshop each participant should have a greater awareness of the physiological processes of the human body and a tool-set to maintain global health and function.


“I always felt I was really tuned into my being.  After attending Teara’s workshop Embodying Your Anatomy I realized that I had so much more to learn and experience. 

Teara’s knowledge, experience and passion, along with her teaching skills are outstanding.  As I listened and was shown visual examples I realized that this workshop is a must for anyone who would like to improve their own health.

The exercises were very interesting, and we had a lot of fun.  I recommend this workshop for teenagers to seniors.  It’s never to late to improve our lifestyles.”  ~ Debbie