Hormone Workshop

Hormone Book Cover revisedHormones are more than those crazy things that go awry during menopause – they affect every aspect of our quality of life! Hormones give us energy and stamina, and make us fall in love. They help us go to sleep at night and wake up refreshed in the morning. However, they are also involved in weight gain, changes in body shape, and the processes attributed to aging. This one-day workshop explores the intricate interplay between all of the hormones of the human body with a special emphasis on the sex hormones involved in the female and male cycles; from puberty to menopause and andropause (the male menopause).

The morning will be spent discovering the function of every hormone-producing gland along with the effect of each hormone the gland produces. Signs and symptoms of hormonal deficiencies will be outlined and self-evaluation symptom check lists provided. Current laboratory procedures are outlined including the most sensitive tests available and the optimal conditions to achieve the most accurate results. Diet and lifestyle recommendations are provided for each hormone, as well as a review of modern diets that target hormonal regulation

The afternoon will be spent specifically exploring the entire lifecycle of the female and male sex hormones starting prior to puberty to life following menopause and andropause. Specific conditions attributed to hormonal changes will be described, including premenstrual syndrome, infertility, menopause and andropause, in the context of diet and lifestyle recommendations.

This workshop follows the structure and information provided in The Hormone Dialogue Workbook. Although the workbook is not mandatory, it is highly recommended for the course.



“I very much enjoyed the hormone workshop; at first I was somewhat overwhelmed, maybe even intimidated with the technicalities and detail. But within a short time, and with your fun and entertaining teaching style I was in the groove, soaking up the info. What struck me were the intricacies (your cascading vision) of our hormones; I knew in a vague way that they are important and involved in many functions, but this workshop sent a powerful message that they are so vital to our everyday life, well being, health. I also enjoyed re-learning a lot of the basics from high school; pituitary, pheromones, anatomy.

I appreciate how you stressed the importance of being aware of supplemental overload, and co-indicators, even food effects; and felt that your physically hefting that great big fat blue tome a couple of times hit home the need to research and consult knowledgeable professionals.

Your passion for your subject is inspiring, your delight in even the minute amazing details is contagious, and an integral portion of your successful workshop, along with the anecdotes, facts, and aside-stories. I also like that I did not leave the class feeling like we are all doomed; but instead encouraged that so much is in our power; breathing, meditation, eating well, hydration, sleeping (and all that precipitates a proper sleep).” ~ Lisa