About Teara Ashby, DC, DO(MP), DScO


Journey of a Healer

It was in Grade 12 Biology class when Teara met her first fetal pig that she realized a career in medicine was part of her future. Looking to find her niche, she spent the next several years exploring the medical field, from biomedical research to emergency medicine and forensics.

As a paramedic attending to a frightened patient in the back of an ambulance—who didn’t know what the problem was, where she was going or the name of her doctor—Teara saw how something as simple as talking and holding a patient’s hand could completely transform distress into hope and healing. She understood in that moment that 90% of medicine is being heard, being validated and being touched. This is when she knew she wanted to become a doctor.

This led her to chiropractic school where she had another major realization that stemmed from the clinical nature of modern medicine. The realization was that she also wanted to be a healer – a practitioner who brings both head and heart to each person they encounter. Her symbol was thus born: a healing lady sitting cross-legged and sharing her light from within.

Chiropractic proved to be an important stepping stone to Osteopathy, which is where she found her true home as both a doctor and a healer! With Osteopathy Teara is finally able to meet patients in a way that validates their whole being, celebrates how exquisitely perfect each person is, and holistically strives to restore a healthy balance for them. Each day is a day of discovery that reveals and confirms the innate healing powers of the human body.

Balance is the essence of life, whether it’s work-play balance, friends-family balance, or finding balance in our health and well-being. Balance is dynamic, in many ways more of a quest than a destination, and it is always reflecting the continuous and ever-shifting journey that life is.

Teara’s mission is to empower you on your personal journey toward greater health and balance.

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2019 Recipient of the Andrew Taylor Still Award of Excellence in Research   for the Graduate Thesis titled, “The Quantum Body:  A Qualitative Exploration Of Sutherland’s Fluid Intelligence.”

2012 – Canadian School of Osteopathy, Manual Practice – Vancouver Campus

2002 – Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College

1998 – University of Victoria, Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry and Microbiology

1996 – Camosun College, Associates Degree in Applied Chemistry and Biology

Postgraduate Education:

2017 – Psycho-Neuro-Immuno-Endocrinology in Osteopathy – Bernard Darraillans, DO

2017 – Neurosciences Applied to Osteopathy – Emotions, Stress, Immunity and Health – Anne-Julie Morand, DO

2017 – Obstetrics and Gynecology Review – Anne-Julie Morand, DO

2016/19 – Biokinetic and Biodynamic Teachings in the Science of Osteopathy.  Courses 1 to 7 – René Briend, DO

2016 – Anatomy and Ontogenesis of the Human Within The Osteopathic Field – Embryology According to Erich Blechschmidt – Jean-Paul Höppner, DO

2015 – Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health Congress

2015 – Energetic and Postural Osteopathy – Francois Amigues, DO

2015 – Kootenay Birthing Congress

2015 – Cadaver Dissection Workshop

2014 – Biodynamic Osteopathy and the Brain, An Advanced Study – Bernard Darraillans, DO

2014 – Kootenay Birthing Congress

2013 – Biodynamic Osteopathy and the Chakras – Bernard Darraillans, DO

2013 – The Embryo in Us, Understanding Ourselves as Embryo – Jaap van der Wal, MD, PhD

2012 – Endocranial Spasm I & II (Traumatic & Emotional Spasms) – Genevieve Forgot, DO

2012 – The Three Doors – Pierrette Cyr, DO

2012 – Advanced Biodynamic Osteopathy – Bernard Darraillans, DO

2012 – Visceral Osteopathy – Peter Würl, DO

2012 – Third International Fascia Congress

2012 – Advanced Palpation Seminar – Genevieve Forgot, DO

2011 – German New Medicine III & IV – Caroline Markolin, PhD

2010 /11 – GDS Muscle Chains Method – Bernard Valentin, PT & Dominique Chaland, PT

2009 – German New Medicine I & II – Caroline Markolin, PhD

2006 – Motion Palpation Technique – Terry Elder, DC

Teaching Experience:

2015 – Assistant Instructor – Human Cadaver Dissection Workshop, Sacramento, CA

2012 – Present  –  Mentorship Program, Canadian School of Osteopathy


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