pregnant-belly copyA woman’s body goes through many profound and beautiful changes during pregnancy.  Osteopathy is the perfect modality to keep the body in balance and allow ideal conditions for the developing child.

Osteopathy is a traditional manual form of therapy that holistically addresses all the tissues of the body to sustain optimal health.  Osteopaths have extensive knowledge in human anatomy and believe all body systems are interrelated through their embryological development.

Osteopathic techniques include biomechanical approaches such as soft tissue stretching or joint mobilization to normalize the structural body, or more subtle craniosacral techniques to normalize the internal body.  Craniosacral therapy addresses the bones of the skull and spinal column, as well as the surrounding membranes, to restore proper function.

Prenatal Preparation

Injuries and surgeries can result in scar tissue adhesions that may pull the uterus or cervix out of alignment, challenging the proper function of both.  Participation in popular recreational sports such as skiing, horseback riding, mountain biking and even yoga can tighten the pelvic floor limiting the natural descent of the baby during birth and prolonging labor.

Ideally, the developing baby exists in an environment free of any stress from the external world.  Osteopathic treatment of the pregnant mother is aimed at normalizing any existing injuries, and removing all barriers to a perfectly healthy developing fetus.

Birth Support

Birth is the most important moment in our lives.  A normal progressing vaginal birth is critical for the child’s future physical, emotional and spiritual development.  Challenges and interventions during birthing contribute to conditions such as colic, reflux, and problems breastfeeding.

Osteopathy can help encourage the onset of labor, or assist when labor is stalled due to baby position or restrictions within the mother’s pelvis from previous injuries or excessive pelvic floor tension.  The treatment consists of gentle external manipulation of support structures of the pelvic in various maternal positions.  Manual birth support has proven to help prevent cesarean sections and other invasive procedures.

Depending on the birth plan, birthing support may be provided within your home or in the hospital.

iStock_000010923665XSmall copyPostnatal Care

In the presence of any birth challenges, it is important to reconstruct the processes that would naturally occur during birth and restore normal development.

Proper reconstitution of the baby’s head and correct alignment with the spinal column are required for good latching during breastfeeding as well as good digestion, sleep and development.  Colic and reflux are early signs of such a mis-alignment.

Pediatric growth continues at an exponential rate and children bump and tumble as they learn to navigate their new world.  Periodical assessments help prevent long-term challenges to their motor, emotional and social development.

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“During my pregnancy I pulled my SI joint out of place and was in extreme pain. It was so severe that thinking about walking to the bathroom made me cringe! With Teara’s help, I was able to correct the issue and walk pain free. Teara also helped to prepare my body for the birthing process. Overall, it was a great experience, I felt it benefited me and would recommend it for those looking to help with pregnancy related issues or just birthing preparation in general.” ~ Shauna

“Dr. Teara Ashby provided us with exceptional prenatal, birth support and postnatal care for the birth of our first child. Her depth of knowledge, professionalism and dedication to her patients enabled us to have a natural birth despite difficult circumstances that would normally have resulted in a c-section. We are incredibly appreciative and we highly recommend that other families consider accessing her services to enhance their birth experiences.

During our prenatal care, Teara successfully treated the frequent headaches I experienced in my first trimester. In addition, she treated previous pelvic injuries to help prepare my body for birth and keep me active throughout the pregnancy. During appointments, Teara offered comprehensive advice and compassionate care.

When it came time to give birth, our baby was in a posterior position and as a result, the labour did not progress quickly or easily. Teara came twice to our home while I was in labour to assist and provide treatment, and she also attended us at the hospital to provide birth support. The addition of Teara to our team during the last hours of labour enabled us to have a natural delivery.

During the postnatal period, Teara treated both myself and our new baby to ensure that we both healed quickly and correctly following the long labour.” ~ Kevin, Megan & Baby Oliver

“Dr. Ashby turned my baby from a breech position in a gentle, completely non-invasive manner. Getting the baby into an optimal position also brought relief to pregnancy related tension in my back. This short but effective treatment prevented what would have resulted in many stressful medical interventions surrounding the birth. Amazing!!

Dr. Ashby also followed up with me before and after the birth to see how I was feeling and to make sure the baby was still in a good position, and that we were doing well. I would strongly recommend her practice to other pregnant women who are looking for gentle but highly effective relief from back pain related complications during their pregnancy.”~ Karmin

“Teara came to my house when my labor had stalled and moved my baby (who was stuck) into the right position. She came back the next day and moved the baby even farther into the right position. The difference was visible. The process was very gentle and relaxing, not invasive at all. Teara explained everything that she was doing so I was not uncomfortable. My labor did not progress as hoped and due to a lack of amniotic fluid and I had to be medically induced. Even though Teara’s work did not progress my labor as we had hoped, it was still a very important part of my birth experience. It was very important to me that I tried everything.  I am glad I decided to include osteopathy in my birthing journey andhighly recommend it. 

My son was born via C-Section and therefore did not get to finish his birth spiral. He cried uncontrollably lots until we took him to see Teara. After only one appointment we saw great improvements with his crying and his demeanor. He also had difficulties latching onto the right breast and after one appointment he was latching no problem and hasn’t had a problem since. Our experience with Osteopathy from pregnancy to newborn care has been very beneficial and we would recommend it as a positive alternative.” ~Jessica

Teara was present at both my births, and in fact actually delivered my unexpectedly fast second child in our car!! Given that I had both a hospital birth and an unplanned home birth, the differences between were significant, but the one constant factor was Teara. Her presence inspires others to slow down and to be attentive and respectful, which creates a safe space to labor in. In addition to creating this bubble, she helped me through my fearful moments and kept me focused and strong. She held me in the moment of labor, helped to keep me present to the realities and not the fears, and supported two incredible experiences for me and my family.

Our work together began far before labor, and this work served to create a seamless understanding between us that allowed me to reach out and receive support when I needed it. The physical work that she did with my pregnant body gave me the confidence to know everything was exactly as it should be. I hate to think what my pregnancies and births would have been like if Teara hadn’t been there to help; I am ever grateful to have her as part of my birth stories.

~ Morgan